A Different Message

Posted October 24, 2016 by etelizabeth
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Good morning. My heart tells me to write another kind of message this morning.
I am humbled to have a mind that allows me to step into the lives of characters who live on the pages of my books. When I sit down to write, I have a vague idea where I want to go, but soon the characters take over, they PUT into my head what to write, they also will trouble my sleep if I’ve not followed their guidance. I am awed sometimes at the extreme where their voices tell me to go. As in my last book, my heart would race at the violent moments that they took my mind and wrote the different passages of the scenes that stopped my breath until I saw a way out. I felt a sense of connection that carried me through to the end, and when I was writing the last sentence, my heroine whispered to me, “You listened good.”


The Long Night Moon

Posted August 21, 2016 by etelizabeth
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My book, The Long Night Moon, has been re-released with a new cover, and edited by me. The characters are the same, the story is the same, the conflicts and intrigue still fill the pages as before, only the read is clearer now and the story shines as never before. My characters are pleased–and that sits right with me. It is on Amazon in digital and print. I hope it finds new homes and hearts to dwell in.


August 21, 2016

The Long Night Moon

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News Flash! My new release, The Long Night Moon, is listed on Amazon for preordering. It has a release date of July 7th, 2016, for digital format in several forms and in printed format later on in July. It is published by Hartwood Publishing and is an edited copy with the same conflicts and the same love story but with a more fluid read. This is the story of two souls who have to face their failings before they can move forward with their lives.

It is a journey of growth and transformation of two souls who need each other. Darcie is a young girl on the brink of adulthood who has led a pampered life. Wasi is a young Cherokee brave who embraces the ancient Cherokee wisdom with great pride.

Please check it out on my book website.  http://elizabethtowles.com


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I will have a book signing for my book, THE HOUSE ON SUNFLOWER ROAD on May 19th, 2016, from 2 o’clock pm – 5 pm at OUR PLACE, 6700 Fairview Road, Suite 104, Charlotte, NC, 28210, phone # 704-554-7748 @ 2 o’clock- 5 pm.

I hope to introduce my book characters to present friends and new friends. They are anxious to share their story.

There will also be a promotional gift certificate, $50.00, offered to everyone who purchases the book. A drawing will be held after the signing and the winner will be notified by mail or phone call whichever is the preferred choice when signing up for the gift certificate.

Hope to see you there,

Elizabeth Towles


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Yesterday, Taylor, a lovely young lady, gave me a wonderful gift-her respect of my writing. Thank you Taylor for being a fan. I am delighted.


Elizabeth Towles

The House On Sunflower Road

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I have a new book titled, The House On Sunflower Road. It was published by Hartwood Publishing. Amazon has it listed in digital formats for pre-orders now and it will be in stock March 3rd. It will also be listed in print format a few days later. Please visit my website for this book.  http://www.elizabethtowles.com

I have written a blurb for this story. I hope to hear from you after you’ve come into my world at the website listed above.

Thank you, Elizabeth

alt. website: http://elizabeth-elizabethwillietowles.blogspot.com/

A Week Of Discovery

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Willie Elizabeth Towles

March 23 at 1:54pm ·


It has been a week of discovery. I heard anew the roar of the ocean, and the wind that ALWAYS find its way to water; and heard, too, the padding of my steps as I walked the beach (and why my surprise at this? Don’t I hear the zipper in action of my clothing?).
Precious walked the beach as if she owned it; never at any time did she attempt to decimate it in any way, she seemed to know instinctively that the sand was off limits and a more humbling spot would be found for her later on.
We were allowed to keep her in the room at no extra charge and she was an exemplary guest for the Sea Mist Hotel. She wasn’t too keen on looking out at the water from the 10th floor, but was fascinated by the gulls that had an air fight close by our balcony.
As I said earlier this was a discovery trip to see what life would entail for me and my hearing impairment. John and I, along with Precious, walked the Boardwalk by the side of the water, it felt like the air had taken on choruses from everything around me. At times I forget that I’m hearing by a microphone effect deep in my ears, and even soft sounds nearby become booms deep in my ear. But I was glad to see my migraine headaches have finally gotten the message, and that my mind, body and head seems to have adapted to my additional equipment. I learned that it makes life much easier, if when dealing with people in seeking information of any kind, to say upfront that I have a hearing problem; it seems to ease anything that follows after that.
Now, with my first trip out of the way, I hope to get back into traveling again. I have a better understanding and knowledge of how this is accomplished with my “new and improved” self. smile emoticon May your day be a happy one!