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Qualla’s Folly/ House in The Long Night Moon

September 18, 2009

As the days passed, life inside Qualla’s Folly was quite different from the time before the accident; the house itself seemed caught up in despair. Laughter no longer echoed in the halls, and the wooden floors, once a springboard of activity, were silent, as though heavily clothed and that weight soaking up the sound of footsteps throughout the house.


Again, a late night post

September 18, 2009

It is one o’clock in the morning and I admit the night hours pull me down to the computer chair. My mind, lately, seems to prefer sitting with the dark laying around me and my eyes watching the black letters assimilate into words. I am having a bout with acute bronchitis infection and have tolerated resting in the bed as long as I can. I’ve been so involved with promoting my book, The Long Night Moon, that the continued story is still mostly in my head. But Darcie and Wa`si are there, waiting for me to take up their life accounting. They sit in my thoughts, and like me, are restless to get in print, restless to pursue their story to the next level. I hear them murmuring between themselves at my delay…and I listen, truly, I do. But first, I need to give their beginning book as much of a head-start as I possibly can; I have to get them readers that will tell other book lovers, and those telling even more readers, but I can hear my characters arguing back and forth; they haven’t quite grasped the fact that readers, loving the book, are the ones who will make their story finally live. I have given them the breath of life, but only a reader’s response will give them a settling place in life!

Hello world!

September 14, 2009

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