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It’s official, the new year is here!

January 29, 2010

It’s official, the new year is now stamped on my brain pad, the little entitlement in its proper place. All this comes when the Christmas tree is finally undressed, the lights wrapped neatly in a roll, the ornaments placed back in their box; and the shiny, glazed-pearl garlands put away in a zip-lock baggie. And yes, the window does look sad, there is room now to stand and look out; and it seems all the brightness of the colored lights have left the room in a beige, bland, non-interesting state. And more, I dare not look at the ceiling tonight, it will seem a black-out with none of the spirals of dancing colors cavorting overhead. It’ll take a while for me to change my morning ritual, to go to the kitchen and not to the tree to turn it on. It’ll take a while before my eyes do not look to the window on entering the room; and it’ll take a while before my look doesn’t lift to the ceiling as I come up the stairs. But…of course, it had to be done, the tree could be seen from the street…and I have heard a horn tapped now and then…and a few neighbors do know that I write…and this added to the tree thing might tip the scales… unfavorably. Hmm!


On the Road Ahead

January 24, 2010

On the Road Ahead

I am on the move again. My writer mind is in a whirl with what my book family has waiting for them. A mystery stalks Qualla’s Folly; the birds in the sky sense the danger, a wolf has already paid, in spades, for simply being in the wrong place at the right time.
It will take all the inner cunning that Wa`si can call on; he faces an unknown entity, and as the days, weeks, and months pass, his greatest treasure is his family…and it is this that he fears for the most. He must again seek the ancient ritual in guidance for what lies ahead, but for now, his only weapon is his fierce love for his family, and his willingness to give his very soul for their safety!

Hello New Day/New Year

January 12, 2010

‘ Tis the 12th day of January…the time nearing mid-month of a new year; my tree is still up, and a few packages, sitting around the edge of the plaid, red, tree skirt, await to find their proper place in drawers, or on shelves. Candy fills some containers, and chocolate coated pretzel sticks shine from one opaque round plastic jar. The tree lights brave the whispers of  ‘overly spent time’  amidst a room that has only this one show of  a past holiday gear. No matter, they help to foster cheer in my brain that needs the dancing lights on the ceiling; a mound of joy that waits in the corner by the window to pop with color when I turn the switch.

For the last couple of days, I am into new work, my mind like a camera as I write the scene; this time of living in my story delights me to no end. I lose hours fast…like ice cubes melting in boiling water. All thoughts fall away of self, time, and place; I’ve slipped inside my imagination’s location. Thanks to the powers that be for giving me this lovely game to play, this ability of shape-shifting that strokes my soul time, and time again…Wa do, Elizabeth