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The Gift of a Story

February 24, 2010

Writing is again in my days. The story comes to me in bits and pieces, sometimes a full episode,  and then, maybe only in remnants, requiring my imagination to go into overdrive. My characters like to see me sweat, they like to see what I write without them laying out the full scene. Often, I get on a roll and just let the words add up  before anyone steps in with other ideas. My most active time comes when I shut the computer down for the day; that is my book family’s favorite time to invade my mind. Mostly they approve of what I’ve written, but on occasions, I’ve had to revisit the latest scene. And of course, under their tutelage! When I’m having trouble setting up the next chapter, I update my networking sites. And in doing so, my book family comes in strong; it seems they can only let me wander just so far and then reel me back in place. WHEE! I remember as a very young girl, I would make up stories and they were like books to me. We had little money to buy magazines or story books, and my mind gifted me many times with stories only in my head. As an adult, I worked in a career that pushed back these fantasies, storing them for later use. My circle has come fully around and I am once again with people living only in my brain. How lovely they’ve behaved! I titled this piece, The Gift of a Story, and I am just now aware of what that implies, and how it enriches my life. It offers escape, it brings amusement, it cuts into worrisome times, and puts a smile on my face when I didn’t even realize I needed one! Elizabeth