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June 9, 2011
Elizabeth Willie Towles

Willie Elizabeth Towles Many things are on my mind this morning: family, friends, and the stalls that centers one’s thinking; Memorial Services that journals a life, magnifying the void when that life no longer fills an earthly body space….
And then looking out my window last night and spotting my window rabbit friend, Buster-Boo; and I’m out the door, chasing the black predators away….

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    • Willie Elizabeth Towles

      Yes, those pesky crows have found Buster-Boo; this is the second night he’s been the object of their attention. Taps on the window were of short duration; I had to make a show of power. I ran outside with hands popping together, yelling like a banshee, and they took flight, some to the roof of a neighbor’s house and others to trees across the street. I stayed in my watch until each crow left my sight; I wonder if tonight will be more of the same? I might have to get out the broom and wave it around like a big gun…hmmm, wonder, too, what the neighbors will be whispering about the woman who lives in the corner house.
    • I posted these entries as a gateway into my mindset for today.
    • The Memorial Service for my friend’s husband is still very much with me, pictures only were shown of his life: as a young student, as a pilot, as a young husband with my friend at his side, and then in their later life as a couple in maturity.
    • Yet, life does go on….
    • And with my window friend, Buster-Boo, who embodies the same characteristics of Buster from last year; this year has brought me his relative with some of the same antics I found so enchanting. To see then, crows on the attack of Buster-Boo was simply too much. I’ve never seen crows actually attack a rabbit, but they made a believer out of me. I have to be vigilant in my watching. I hope that after shooing them away time and time again, they will tire of the chase and find another victim!
    • So, life does keep moving ahead, and sadness and grief has to be tempered to a letting go; to a stepping back into what’s before us….
    • Remembrance knows when and where to rest….   Elizabeth