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When Immortality shifts into ephemeral

February 17, 2014

When Immortality shifts to ephemeral

February 16, 2014 at 1:20pm

I visited a friend today. She is in a Hospice facility. Other friends were already there, sharing in the presence of her life ‘in waiting’. This ‘in waiting’ time is still foreign to me, and each of the few times I’ve experienced it, I am never ready for the moment.

I leaned down and all the things I meant to say to Te slipped away. What came out was, “You look wonderful.” Her face had the tautness of a sixteen year old, her skin was flawless, like the color of porcelain no artist could ever capture. Her eyes were closed, and even there, her lids held no trace of years to state her age. Yet, I knew she was with me because her eyes rolled ever so slightly under her lids; a special quietness was there between us, a reverence of life still in transition. And really…I was almost afraid to touch her. I could hear in my head when Jesus told Mary not to touch him, that he had yet to ascend to heaven.

Te and I had corresponded in recent days, speaking normal everyday words; there was no warning that life was about to take center stage. Her bed is her X mark, and she is right on, her head raised in perfect position, and covering the bedding is a crocheted coverlet of pinks, and purples; the shade of purple a sign of royalty in early biblical times. And so it is fitting for this grand lady to be draped in this coloring, she is of royalty, a special child of God.

Willie Elizabeth Towles