A Week Of Discovery

Willie Elizabeth Towles

March 23 at 1:54pm ·


It has been a week of discovery. I heard anew the roar of the ocean, and the wind that ALWAYS find its way to water; and heard, too, the padding of my steps as I walked the beach (and why my surprise at this? Don’t I hear the zipper in action of my clothing?).
Precious walked the beach as if she owned it; never at any time did she attempt to decimate it in any way, she seemed to know instinctively that the sand was off limits and a more humbling spot would be found for her later on.
We were allowed to keep her in the room at no extra charge and she was an exemplary guest for the Sea Mist Hotel. She wasn’t too keen on looking out at the water from the 10th floor, but was fascinated by the gulls that had an air fight close by our balcony.
As I said earlier this was a discovery trip to see what life would entail for me and my hearing impairment. John and I, along with Precious, walked the Boardwalk by the side of the water, it felt like the air had taken on choruses from everything around me. At times I forget that I’m hearing by a microphone effect deep in my ears, and even soft sounds nearby become booms deep in my ear. But I was glad to see my migraine headaches have finally gotten the message, and that my mind, body and head seems to have adapted to my additional equipment. I learned that it makes life much easier, if when dealing with people in seeking information of any kind, to say upfront that I have a hearing problem; it seems to ease anything that follows after that.
Now, with my first trip out of the way, I hope to get back into traveling again. I have a better understanding and knowledge of how this is accomplished with my “new and improved” self. smile emoticon May your day be a happy one!

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One Comment on “A Week Of Discovery”

  1. etelizabeth Says:

    This is a followup on my journey of adapting to the wearing of hearing aids. It has been a tumultuous five months, a change in everything I’d grown so accustomed to; it has forced me to look inside my mind and make changes there, too. I had five screenings with five sources before finally buying aids. I was asked why the long wait and I replied that my hope was that I wouldn’t be looked at as less than who I am. During the last few months, I’ve come to realize that it was my perception of myself that was the real hurdle to overcome. And now I say right away that I have a hearing problem; AND I’VE FOUND IT IS INDEED A FREEING UP OF EVERYTHING. LIFE IS PRECIOUS AGAIN…and isn’t that the TRUTH!

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