Pet Grooming

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I would like to share a wonderful place to get your beloved pet groomed. It is Dog’s Day Out, 9945 E. Independence Blvd, (in the area where Burlington Store vacated). Your pet is there for 3 to 4 hours, giving you a chance to catch up on errands, also allowing your pet some time away from you. Your ‘sweetie-pie’ is bathed, groomed, and also dressed in bows and bandannas if that is an appropriate attire for your pet. The price for this lovely service is $30.00. I have been going there since last December, and all the groomers I’ve met are REALLY into pets. THE PETS KNOW THIS RIGHT AWAY! I am delighted to share the news of this caring group of people. The telephone # is 704-708-4820. Hours: Tues-Sat 7:30-5:00.

Willie Towles



When Immortality shifts into ephemeral

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When Immortality shifts to ephemeral

February 16, 2014 at 1:20pm

I visited a friend today. She is in a Hospice facility. Other friends were already there, sharing in the presence of her life ‘in waiting’. This ‘in waiting’ time is still foreign to me, and each of the few times I’ve experienced it, I am never ready for the moment.

I leaned down and all the things I meant to say to Te slipped away. What came out was, “You look wonderful.” Her face had the tautness of a sixteen year old, her skin was flawless, like the color of porcelain no artist could ever capture. Her eyes were closed, and even there, her lids held no trace of years to state her age. Yet, I knew she was with me because her eyes rolled ever so slightly under her lids; a special quietness was there between us, a reverence of life still in transition. And really…I was almost afraid to touch her. I could hear in my head when Jesus told Mary not to touch him, that he had yet to ascend to heaven.

Te and I had corresponded in recent days, speaking normal everyday words; there was no warning that life was about to take center stage. Her bed is her X mark, and she is right on, her head raised in perfect position, and covering the bedding is a crocheted coverlet of pinks, and purples; the shade of purple a sign of royalty in early biblical times. And so it is fitting for this grand lady to be draped in this coloring, she is of royalty, a special child of God.

Willie Elizabeth Towles

Hello A long t…

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A long time has passed since I’ve posted anything, but I am of a mind to do so now. For a long time I resisted getting a smart phone because of what it might require of my mind..

Today’s Mindset

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Elizabeth Willie Towles

Willie Elizabeth Towles Many things are on my mind this morning: family, friends, and the stalls that centers one’s thinking; Memorial Services that journals a life, magnifying the void when that life no longer fills an earthly body space….
And then looking out my window last night and spotting my window rabbit friend, Buster-Boo; and I’m out the door, chasing the black predators away….

4 hours ago ·

    • Willie Elizabeth Towles

      Yes, those pesky crows have found Buster-Boo; this is the second night he’s been the object of their attention. Taps on the window were of short duration; I had to make a show of power. I ran outside with hands popping together, yelling like a banshee, and they took flight, some to the roof of a neighbor’s house and others to trees across the street. I stayed in my watch until each crow left my sight; I wonder if tonight will be more of the same? I might have to get out the broom and wave it around like a big gun…hmmm, wonder, too, what the neighbors will be whispering about the woman who lives in the corner house.
    • I posted these entries as a gateway into my mindset for today.
    • The Memorial Service for my friend’s husband is still very much with me, pictures only were shown of his life: as a young student, as a pilot, as a young husband with my friend at his side, and then in their later life as a couple in maturity.
    • Yet, life does go on….
    • And with my window friend, Buster-Boo, who embodies the same characteristics of Buster from last year; this year has brought me his relative with some of the same antics I found so enchanting. To see then, crows on the attack of Buster-Boo was simply too much. I’ve never seen crows actually attack a rabbit, but they made a believer out of me. I have to be vigilant in my watching. I hope that after shooing them away time and time again, they will tire of the chase and find another victim!
    • So, life does keep moving ahead, and sadness and grief has to be tempered to a letting go; to a stepping back into what’s before us….
    • Remembrance knows when and where to rest….   Elizabeth

The Memory Chair (cont’d)

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The Memory Chair (cont’d)

Wednesday March 9, 2011

This is the sixth week of Life Stories class; we are mid-way in our twelve week schedule.

And all has changed!

The first clue came with stepping into the meeting room; the chairs no longer sit next to the walls, they sit close, in a circle, in the middle of the room; and when doing the body wake-up routine, and the long breath in—and out, it was as though we had turned a corner in getting to know each other.

For instance: when Dave read his story about his wife and dealing with the life-threatening disease of Cancer, it seemed so natural and easy a thing for me to grab hold of his hand while he spoke of that heart-wrenching period of their lives. We were all transported to that time, living it with him though his words…and seeing him with new eyes. We have climbed that wall of separateness and found a sense of unity.

Another shift today: stories were read out loud and fully, and although Christine and Ted chose to tell their stories, it was another subtle change, adding a depth of personal interconnecting.

Ted spoke of having a blessed life, so normal in every way, wonderful in the fact of no great tragedies, no problems that defied solving, and a marriage still solid and steady; yet this is in itself a miracle, and normal doesn’t even begin to fit the fine essence of his life.

Today was like a meeting around a large, round kitchen table, we shared our stories in ‘The Memory Chair,’ and smiles, laughs, and grins rode faces time, and time again. We settled in our new bonding like long time friends…family!

Fate was among us today…waiting for the right time to tell a story. And the story was authored by Lynnsy who wrote a tribute to each of us, also to Wrenn, our director. It was the right time, a wonderful choice of words, and the best possible ending to this morning’s Life Stories class.



The Memory Chair

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The Memory Chair

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

There are sixteen of us and we are here at the Matthews Playhouse for a class listed as: Life Stories.

The chairs form a large circle inside the ample corner room. We are a diverse group, women as well as men, and all with one connecting thread…we are labeled Seniors, as in the time of our life’s number game. In charge is a young woman, Wrenn, who evidently has great courage; she had been the leader of children’s group, and others, and now…our group, carrying a plethora of personalities, experiences, and problems that grew us and shaped our present personas.

We will meet one day a week, for a time of 1 &1/2 hrs, for the next twelve weeks, learning life stories from each other, and eventually drafting a play from one of the stories. Along the way, we’ll have a lot of laughs, oh and ah at surprises, and give hugs when touching becomes a need.

Today, we wore name tags and were paired with another classmate. In turn, we asked each other questions and answered them out loud. Questions like: Your name? Do you have a nickname? What is your favorite color…and why? Why did you join this class? And do you have anything you’d like to share with the group? Needless to say, it was the last question that opened the flood gates of remembrance…only eight people got to participate. It seems when given a chance to have our say…we seniors really have our say. Next week the remaining eight will have their turn.

I was paired with Terry, who I soon learned had asked to partner with me, I agreed, not knowing there was more behind the asking. We exchanged names and small talk before being center stage for our questioning period. When I asked about nicknames, she said she had been called Willie, which is part of my name, and also that she was a writer. As she talked, I found many commons that we shared. Strangers upon meeting, but within a matter of quick minutes, we felt kinship by our past. After dealing with debilitating health problems for the last 10 months, this was my first attempt at stepping back into my life; and Terry seemed put in place by knowing Hands.

The class went by so quickly that I remember only a handful of names from today’s gathering: Ted, who wrote under his name tag, Donald Duck; he gave us a Quack, Quack to validate his note, Barbara, who said her stories would be coming next week, Julia, whose ready smile lit up her face; and Sandy who said she had been wanting to do something for a long time, and with a mischievous look in her eyes, she pulled up a sleeve and on the soft underside of her left arm a message read: Have Faith and Breathe…. Elizabeth

The Memory Chair

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The Memory Chair (cont’d)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This is our second week of Life Stories class and we are still wearing our name tags; this may go on for quite a while, remember, most of our members have reached what has been called that ‘golden’ stage in life: ‘Seniors.’

We are still working on the introductory phase and Wrenn got right into it. She probably had nightmares of her weekly schedule forever being a week behind, and on the 12th week as the last class ended and we walked out, one by one, she would be standing at the door saying, “but we didn’t get to the best part…acting!”

So we got started on the last eight members’ question and answer session. Many things came to light: when Dave was asked his name, he had to look down at his name tag, it was turned backwards and he had to flip it over, “Dave,” he finally said. Of course, we all laughed with him. We found out Hess is our Nature Man, he said being outside was a passion of his, and also, cooking. Don told us he is writing about his life. And Jane revealed she joined the class because she loved to talk…and always wanted to be ‘a drama queen.’ Doesn’t every class need one? Barbara’s favorite color is purple…and one other thing she and I have in common…hats…she had on a cute black one.

Wrenn asked for volunteers to do a short skit about a lady driver running a red light and being stopped by a policeman. It was a class act with Lynnsy, the driver, and Carolyn, being the cop. Needless to say, a lot of the ad-lib answers sent us into gales of laughter. What we came away with was: never drive when drinking, even if you deny it; always have your glasses on if you need them to see; and never answer the question, Where are your glasses? by saying, “I don’t know.” And also, try to keep your driver’s license up to date. It was her lucky day: Lynnsy received only a warning.

We were then divided into groups of four to read our assignment about childhood stories and to select one story for the writer to read out loud to the group. And of course, we ran over the time limit…but most of us stayed. After hearing the stories, Wrenn said we had possibilities and she could already see certain scenes being played out on our big Play Date.

We were given our assignment for next week and then dismissed in quick order.

The hero of the day was Don…with his most important question, “Where’s the food?”

Elizabeth (Willie) Towles